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In Between Worlds

An immersive and playful space that aims to connect people, the digital and physical world, allowing people discover their inner child again by making screens as tactile as possible. The first room contains a pool and a screen beneath it. Second room uses a ball that acts like the sun in the screen, changing the scene. Third room is a fur wall with projected colourful squares. Fourth room plays with the depth of the room with banners with projected drawings created by the audience and the last room is a distorted ceiling that can be reached by people’s arms where they can interact with the bubbles. This space can be seen in a gallery or museum setting that is aimed to bring people together.

Digital media has connected humans globally but, at the same time, has made us more distant to those around us. Today, technology and digital media has become an essential part of living and whoever has access to the latest technology are more likely to succeed, creating a wider social gap. 

By creating an interactive or immersive, spatial installation design, this project aims to bring the digital world into the physical rather than separating them whilst exploring the interconnection of art, technology and design. Not only does this bring technology and the real world together, it can also be a step further to connecting people locally and to have a chance to play within the emerged (digital and physical) worlds, celebrating the interconnection of 2 worlds and people.

In Between Worlds
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